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Tech-Talente treffen auf Firmen [DE]

Mit Tech-Playgrounds veranstalten wir die digitalen Event-Wochen, bei denen Tech-Talente online Einblicke in Unternehmen bekommen und sich mit zukünftigen Kollegen live austauschen. Office-Touren werden per Video ausgestrahlt und [...] weiterlesen




Journalism 3.0

What would happen if we put journalists and their audience together in a (virtual) room? How would a debate look like and would a close behind the scenes perspective on the journalistic work generate more appreciation for journalism? Let's have a chat about how online events could influence the future of journalism.




Interactive Online Fashion Shows

Brands now can offer more than just a passively consumable live-stream to their global audiences. Rich interactive elements like product showcases, reservation and shoppable widgets enhance the live experience and give customers and partners who watch online exclusive access to the brand's world of products. Q&A-Sessions and moderated Video-Chats enable live discussions during the breaks, before and after the event. [...] Get in touch with us to talk about your ideas.




Showcasing Art Work to the World

We want to give artists a platform to showcase their work and share their stories and insights into their creative processes, techniques and inspirations and be able to interact with a global audience of potential buyers. With rich interactive elements that accompany an online vernissage the audience is able to directly purchase or place bids for an art piece. [...] Get in touch if you'd like to work with us in the art sector.

What is


Our Mission
At Sprudel.live we want to bring the experience of a real-life-event to the online world. We aim to push digital content to a level that enables users to interact with each other and truly build relationships over the web in the most engaging and entertaining way possible. In-person-events are not accessible to everyone, so we work to create an online platform where people have access to networks, communities and information regardless of their locality, gender or financial possibilities.

The Start
With our first own event-series called TECH PLAYGROUNDS, we build bridges between companies and potential job candidates in the tech field, all within a gamified environment, starting with an interactive video-office-tour, live Q&A sessions and timed one-on-one video-chats. We are looking for international partners who independently organize their own TECH PLAYGROUNDS event-weeks.

The Tool
We set off to build the Content Management System for digital live events. Behind the scenes Sprudel.live is the toolbox which enables businesses and content creators to organize, promote and run digital live events for their online communities. The toolbox comes with the Sprudel.live as a user platform enabling event organizers to promote their events to specific groups of interest expand their audience.

New Business Models in Digital Media
With new event-like content formats we combine revenue models from the in-person event-industry with the transparency provided by online marketing and analytics tools.

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